Other Frequencies II

Phillip Byrne, Beatriz Cortez, and Tatiana Guerrero with a live performance by Benjamin Cortez

September 15-24, 2023

Earth Edition Festival

California Institute of the Arts

Other Frequencies is a collaborative sculpture installation by Phillip Byrne, Beatriz Cortez, and Tatiana Guerrero that forms a portal and tunes our minds and ears towards frequencies existing outside of human range. The work invites us to cross boundaries and listen to life in the cosmos as well as in the interior world of bodies, in the subterranean world where other rivers flow, matter migrates, roots touch each other, find nurture, communicate. The visions and sounds in this exhibition capture a world that is not meant for humans even if it exists inside our bodies and inside the Earth where the land safeguards our bones, the memories of our life on the planet, our gestures of generosity, our cultures and technologies, our spiritual connection to the planet and the cosmos.

The works in this exhibition attune our minds and ears towards frequencies outside the realm of human subjectivity. However, these signals originate from Earth, from within bodies, from portals to other dimensions and spaces. The exhibition includes a live performance of communication across species, a speculative language of matter and the energies that sustain life by musician Benjamin Cortez.

This exhibition and performance is presented in conjunction with Futuring (Art for Building New Worlds), an exhibition curated by Vera Petukhova.

Photos by Phillip Byrne, Beatriz Cortez, Michele Lorusso, and Tatiana Guerrero. Courtesy of the artists.

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