My work explores boundaries.  Experiences with illness, and the simultaneous erosion and alteration of my body and mind, have informed my fascination with the permeability, breakdown, and the metamorphic nature of the boundaries of self and identity, and the non-anthropocentric entanglements we form with the world around us. I am intrigued by the relationship between inner and outer, and the spaces between seemingly discrete categories where materials begin to merge, fuse, and coalesce into new forms. My work situates the body as a primary site for explorations of these interactions.

I am deeply invested in process and material.   Abstract skins and tissues are built up through eroding manipulations of paper and the photographic image of the singular body is pulled out of its symmetry, fractured, melted, stretched, warped, doubled, and recombined into new configurations. Disparate materials interact within the work as organic materials such as branches and earth are paired with plastic and synthetic substances. These material contradictions become sites for greater analogic questionings.

Through my work, I attempt to understand the common experience of existing in and as a state of flux, and in relationship to and with a body outside of one’s control.  I seek to materially reimagine this relationship and its possibilities.

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