Artist Statement

I am interested in exploring holistic identity through process. Having been stripped of bodily, mental and emotional autonomy over the course of debilitating battles with Crohn’s Disease and Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Syndrome,art-making has allowed me to play the role of ontological surgeon –placing my own metaphysical body on the dissection table and exploring its interior contents.

I view my art practice as a kind of agriculture of ritual in which multiple processes are planted and their artifacts harvested. The foundational process – which cross-pollinates all subsequent rituals –consists of an experimental marbling practice in which ink, spraypaint and float-able solids are suspended on the surface of water and mono-printed on paper.

I view these monoprints – often manifesting as circular forms and geographical amalgamations – as cosmic eggs or embryos with transformative and alchemical potential. These embryonic works are often replanted and re-harvested multiple times – fragmented and reassembled,digitized and manipulated, projected into 3-dimensional space, and placed into new contexts. Engagement with these processes manifests personal associations and allows for personal explorations of the interior anatomies of my mind/body/emotions, appraisals of their damages, and questionings of my relationship to all three. The harvested artifacts of these nested rituals manifest as visual expressions in multiple voices – externalized vocalizations of an interior Babelian choir attempting to ontologically echo-locate and unify itself.  

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